Membership Requirements

Procedure for Professional Membership

In consonance with Articles IV and V above, intending professional members shall:

  1. Be of good character as prescribed by the Counselling profession.
  2. Fill a Membership Registration Form and return same to the National Secretariat to be processed.
  3. Upon satisfactory verification of the filled Membership Registration Form, be duly inaugurated as an Association member.
  4. Certifies the prescribed Professional codes, ethics and mentorship regulations and standards as contained in the most current CALP; and
  5. Be inducted accordingly as a Professional Member

Officers of the Association

The organizational Functionaries and Officers of the Association shall consist of:

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  2. National Delegates Congress (NDC)
  3. National Executive Committee (NEC)
  4. State Chairpersons Committee (SCC)
  5. Certification and Licensure Committee (CALC)
  6. Committee of Fellows (COF)
  7. Joint Committee of Executives, CALC and Fellows (JCECF)
  8. Board of Trustees (BOT)
  9. League of National Patrons (LNP)

Major Annual National Programmes

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM): The Annual General Meeting shall comprise of all the Association’s Certificated and Professional Members whose membership status are up to date and still valid as prescribed in the constitution and who shall constitute the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association.
  2. The National Delegates Congress (NDC): The Delegate Congress shall comprise of all members of the current National Executive Committee; State Chapter Chairpersons; Professional Fellows and Icons of the Association; Representatives of the public sector, stakeholder establishments and parastatals at National and State levels; Members of standing committees; Professor of Counselling Profession; and Heads of Counsellor Education Departments of Tertiary institutions with accredited programmes. The National Delegates Congress members shall meet in Annual Delegates Congress to which the President with consent of the Executive shall invite any other individuals to perform specified roles or functions.
  3. The National Executive Committee (NEC): There shall be Annual General and Delegates Conference of the Association to ratify functional policy and constitutional roles and issues affecting the Association.
  4. State Chairpersons Committee (SCC): There shall be committee of Annual General and Delegates Conference of State Chairpersons with roles. State Chairpersons function is to ratify functional policy and constitutional roles and issues affecting the Association.
  5. Certification and Licensure Committee (CALC): CALC shall essentially be the professional regulatory, standards, etiquette and disciplinary organ of the association. It shall function under stipulation of the current Certification and Licensure Policy (CALP) of the Association.
  6. Joint Committee of Executives, CALC and Fellows (JCECF): JCECT shall function as the Association’s advisory and mediatory organ. It shall also make inputs and advice on professional status membership and elevations of the Association. All current Executive Committee Members, current CALC members and Conferred Fellows and Icons of the Association shall make up JCECF. The most senior Professional member present at any meeting shall Chair the JCECTF.
  7. Board of Trustees (BOT): There shall be a Board of Trustees made up of seven (7) members, who would have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavour and have great passion for the counselling profession. Consent of such members proposed shall be obtained and presented at General Congress at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) upon recommendation of the National Executive Committee. The Board shall render selfless service and offer qualitative input into policies of the Association. The Board of Trustees shall among others:
    1. Advice and provide guidance to the Association.
    2. Establish Board and long-term professional direction for the Association.
    3. Approve a strategic plan for the Association.
    4. Serve as custodian to the association’s properties, necessary or desirable in the best interest of the Association.
  8. League of National Patrons (LNP): The League of National Patrons shall be constituted every six years with membership reflecting the geopolitical zones of the country. The body shall serve to mobilize resources for the Association.