Meet the National President

The National President

I am highly delighted to heartily welcome you to our website. I especially recognise non-members who are visiting our website for the first time. Permit me to utilize this opportunity to acquaint you briefly on who we are and what we do.  Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON) is the umbrella organization for the Counselling Professionals in Nigeria. The Association consist professionally trained, registered and licensed Counselling Psychologists drawn from the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. We have over 10,000 members spread across 36 States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). We have six grades of membership, namely: Icons, Fellows, Graduates, Students, Associate, and Corporate. Frankly speaking millions of people have experienced the benefits of our services in a non-professional manner because counselling is one of the greatest helping professions on earth that is as old as mankind. Counselling is thus, a specific mental health discipline that includes aspects of guidance and psychotherapy. Specifically we offer broad range of services and use myriad of techniques and approaches in both short and long-term to improve the mental health and wellbeing of clients. Our clients after intervention also learn behavior change skills such as having meaning or purpose in life, experience positive emotions, improved self-esteem, active coping, self-efficacy, optimism, cognitive flexibility. We help our clients create specific career paths based on their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences. We explore options and prepare employees for job searches, help with resume preparation, practice interviewing, and suggest ways to build networking experience. In addition, you can consult us for other services which include:

  1. Stressful life events such as divorce, job loss, career transition, moves, loss of a family member
  2. Mental health issues including substance abuse
  3. Traumatic events such as high-jacking, school shootings, terrorism
  4. Psychoeducation for parents, couples, and children
  5. Academic and behavior problems
  6. Setting goals, making future plans, and problem solving
  7. Families and couples conflicts

I am elated to inform you that we offer our services in diverse settings which include hospitals, media, industries, ministries, religious organizations, correctional Centres, schools, organisations, families, agencies, MDAs National and International organisations amongst others. Our services are flexible, affordable and tailored to suit clients’ needs.

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of our great Association, I welcome all our distinguished members. I specially appreciate all our financial members for their efforts in the prompt payment of their annual subscription. I also wish to intimate you of the summarized benefits of paying your membership dues which automatically makes you a financial member. Being a financial member enlists you of the following benefits:

  1. Being in good Professional standing with the Association evidenced by the issuance of an Identity Card
  2. Skill development and eligibility
  3. Eligibility to exercise your franchise (being able to vote and be voted for) at the CASSON elections
  4. Eligibility to attend the CASSON’s Annual General Meetings
  5. Meeting the eligibility requirements for Fellowship of the Association
  6. Meeting the eligibility requirements for ICON, when due
  7. Access to a community of seasoned Counselling Psychologists and professional interactions amongst each other at Branch and National levels
  8. Advisory services and guidance to members on a wide range of matters relevant to involvement with and development in the profession
  9. Eligibility to request for a Letter of Reference/Good Standing from CASSON, amongst many others

You are kindly enjoined to regularly visit the website for updates concerning CASSON and other vital information. You will be updated with developments on this from time to time. Once again, welcome to our website.

Best wishes,

Prof. Malami Tambawal, FCASSON
National President