The practice of Counselling as a helping profession is chronicled in many books that have been written by the Founding Fathers of Counselling Association of Nigeria. Much of the history captures how Reverend Sisters at St. Theresas College, Ibadan Western Nigeria in the 1950’s and 1960’s institutionalized the events of Careers Day for students as a platform for motivating them for appropriate career choices (Makinde, 1986). The efforts of Rev. Sisters later metamorphosed into the coming into being of the Ibadan Careers Council as a formal platform for promoting career counselling practice in schools across the then Western Region of Nigeria.

No doubt, these pioneer efforts served as the foundation for the various bureaucratic initiatives in the Federal Ministry of Education in the 1980’s, resulting in the recognition of the need for school guidance and counselling programmes in the Nigerian National Policy on Education (1979, 1981).

When, therefore, the first of crop Nigerian academics who majored in the areas of Applied Psychology, Educational Psychology, Teacher Education and Guidance and Counselling began to introduce guidance and counselling courses in the Education Programmes of Universities in the country in the late 1970’s, a Movement of like-minded persons interested in advancing the essence of guidance and counselling began to emerge, both among bureaucrats in the Ministries of Education and Universities in Nigeria. The Universities of Ibadan and Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo) were in the forefront of that pioneer Movement. The myriad of interests coalesced into a gathering that is now the famous Inaugural Meeting of Counselling Association of Nigeria at the University of Ibadan.The Inaugural Meeting is today regarded as the Founding Event of Counselling Association of Nigeria. It is for these reasons that the Constitution states that "All persons present at the preliminary and inaugural meeting of the Association of November 15th, 1975 and June 17th, 1976 and all those who though absent but expressed the desire to be members at those times are admitted as Inaugural/Foundation Members." During the Inaugural Meeting, Steering Committee was formed preparatory to the Meeting to elect the pioneer Executive Members of the Association. This was held on 9th June 1976 and the following were returned as foundation officers to serve the Association for two years in the first instance.

The Pioneer Executive Members of the Association

SN Position
1 Dr. Olu MakindePresident
2 Dr. Olumide KutiSecretary
3 Mrs. Dayo OkusamiTreasurer
4 Dr. S. A.   Gesinde (now late)Public Secretary
5 Dr. S. Feyi DaramolaEditor
6 Mr. Robson MomohAssociate Editor
7 Professor E. A. YoloyeEditorial Adviser
8 Professor M. O. DurojaiyeEditorial Adviser
9 Professor Adamu BaikieEditorial Adviser
10 Professor Adeniyi AdaralegbeEditorial Adviser
11 Dr. C. G.M. Bakare (now late)Ex-officio Member
12 Rev. S.S. Awak-EssienEx-officio Member
13 Mrs. F. S. RobinsonEx-officio Member
14 Mr. Y. F. OyeyemiEx-officio Member


At inauguration, the association was known as Counselling Association of Nigeria with the acronym of CAN. This name and acronym was maintained until at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the 16th National Conference which was held at Bayero University, Kano between the 17th and 21st August 1992 when it was resolved that the name of the association be retained but the acronym be changed to CASSON. Some of the reasons advanced for this change included: Its similarity with other existing associations such as Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN),Computer Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN); Its seeming affiliation with a religious grouping, Christian Association of Nigeria, thus excluding other religious groupings; and A probable difficulty in getting the name and, acronym registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for reasons given in (1) above. Since then, the association has been known and referred to as the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON).

Past Presidents of the Association

SN Year
1 Professor Olu Makinde1976-1980
2 Professor S. Adebayo Gesinde (late)1980-1984
3 Professor M. Para Mallum1984-1988
4 Dr. (Mrs) Christie C. Achebe 1988-1990
5 Professor Christopher G. M. Bakare (late)1990-1994
6 Dr. Nsa Ani Nsa1994-1996
7 Professor Frank C. Carew1996-2000
8 Professor Adeyemi I. Idowu2000-2004
9 Professor Mrs Otete C. Okobiah2004-2008
10 Professor Ibrahim A. Kolo2008-2012
11 Professor Alfred Adegoke2012 -2016
12 Professor Frank C. Carew2016 - 2017

Professional Fellows

SN Year
1 Professor Olu MakindeAugust, 1986
2 Professor S. Adebayo Gesinde (now late)August, 1986
3 Professor M. Para MallumAugust, 1986
4 Dr. (Mrs) Christie C. AchebeAugust, 1986
5 Professor (Rev. Br.) Anselm UbaAugust, 1986
6 Prof. Christopher G. M. Bakare (now late)August, 1992
7 Prof. Frank C. CarewAugust, 1992
8 Prof. Adeyemi I. IdowuAugust, 2000
9 Prof. Ibrahim Bulus (now late) August, 2000
10 Mazi Okoli AnimbaAugust, 2000
11 Prof. Alfred A. AdegokeAugust, 2003
12 Dr. (Mrs) Pat NwamuoAugust, 2003
13 Prof. John Y. MaisamariAugust, 2003
14 Prof. (Mrs) Otete C. OkobiahAugust, 2003
15 Prof. Ibrahim A. KoloAugust, 2006
16 Dr. (Mrs) Mopelola OmoegunAugust, 2006
17 Mrs. Marlin Y. TilingAugust, 2006
18 Professor Daniel DengaAugust, 2009
19 Prof. Mrs. Mopelola Ayoka OlusakinAugust, 2009
20 Prof. Mrs. Irene MogboAugust, 2009
21 Prof. Festus David KoloAugust, 2009
22 Professor Abdulrashid GarbaAugust, 2010
23 Professor Emmanuel A. AkindeleAugust, 2010
24 Professor Pauline AnagboguAugust, 2015
25 Professor Ayo BadejoAugust, 2015
26 Professor Naran LongbabAugust, 2015
27 Professor Azuka AlutuAugust, 2015
28 Dr. Charles UgwuagbulamAugust, 2015
29 Dr. Celine NjokuAugust, 2015
30 Professor Bulama KaguAugust, 2015
31 Dr. Jacob Oladepo FakunleAugust, 2015
32 Dr. Uche Josephine OranikaAugust, 2015
33 Professor Elizabeth EgbochukwuAugust, 2015
34 Professor Oyinloye AjibadeAugust, 2015
35 Professor Ngozi OzarenrenAugust, 2015

Honorary Fellows

SN Year
1 Late Pa (Chief) M.A. FabunmiAugust, 1986
2 Late Dr. C. I. BerepikiAugust, 1986
3 Dr. Longinus OfoegbuAugust, 2003
4 Senator Zaynab A. KureAugust, 2009
5 Mrs. Zaynab NyakoAugust, 2009
6 Mrs. Fatima Ibrahim ShemaAugust, 2009
7 Arch. (Deaconess) Dorshima Yemisi SuswamAugust, 2010
8 Justice Ibeh (Distinguished Award of Excellence)August, 2015

Professional Icons

SN Year
1 Emeritus Prof. Isaac Oludaisi MakindeMarch, 2011



News Update

2018 Conference Registration

This is to inform all members that the 2018 CASSON International Conference registration has commenced. Members are advised to visit www.cassonnigeria.org for further instructions.